Simple Puppy Housebreaking Tips

golden-labrador-puppyPeople come up to me all the time and ask me for puppy housebreaking tips all the time. The ask me how do they get the dog to go when, and where they want the dog to go. First let’s look at the question how do I get the dog to go when, lets look at that part. You cannot arrange your dogs bathroom breaks around when it would be convenient to you. You have to work on the dogs schedule, This would be the same as me coming up to you and telling you that you need to go to the bathroom now. the best and topmost thing on my list of puppy housebreaking tips is patience.

The second part of the question is how to get the dog to go where I want them to go. Another simple item in the top list of puppy housebreaking tips is to remember dogs are territorial and therefore like to go to mark their territory, you would not like it if I told you where to go to the bathroom instead of allowing you to go in your home. That is what this article is about simple puppy housebreaking tips.

The first of these puppy housebreaking tips is keeping things consistent,  Nothing will screw a dog up faster than changing the way things are done all the time. The more thing stay the same, the less things change. People think that when they hear the term puppy housebreaking tips they automatically think that things are going to be hard. This is not the case in fact things are rather easy as long as you stay on a set schedule and don’t deviate from it.

Housebreaking a puppy in an apartment is slightly more complex than if you live in a house. But most of the basic puppy housebreaking tips, remain the same.  Some people will say just to hang it out a window and let it do it’s business, to those people I say this NO this is one of the most ridiculous puppy housebreaking tips I have ever heard. The key to housebreaking a puppy in an apartment is really no different than that of a person that lives in a house the only difference is that you will have to find a place that is close to the apartment such as a park. If you Google the term housebreaking puppy tips you will find thousands of pages that offer you every kind of tip from the idiotic to the just plain bad.

The first thing that you need to remember when looking at puppy housebreaking tips in an apartment is that puppies learn at different rates, not every dog learns at the same pace. A dog that has had a fairly good upbringing will be able to learn a lot quicker than one that has had a less than stellar previous life. Also puppies are able to give their master a sign as to what they are planning to do. If your puppy is circling the floor then it is a good sign that they are about to do what comes natural to them.   Learning to be on the lookout for these signs is a good way to have a positive start to  puppy housebreaking tips that work.

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