Crash Course in Puppy House Training

Puppy House TrainingIf you are one of the thousands of people that has adopted a puppy then you are already aware of the problems that develop in trying to house train your puppy. Relax as, now I am going to take you to class with my condensed version of puppy house training course. We all have had the spot on the carpet where Fido was unable to hold it any longer, and while it may be irritating on our part to have to see the spot it is more of a problem for the dog. This course is designed to give you an edge in the way of puppy house training.

The first thing that we will cover in puppy house training is the fact that puppies are by their very nature wild animals, Therefore they are not domesticated so they are not trained to not go inside the house. This is where you have to take charge in the training, you are the one that has to be in tune to the subtle hints that your puppy will give you about it needing to go to the bathroom. If you notice that your puppy is making circles in the floor then you need to scoop them up and head outside. When your puppy is doing this you will need quickly to try to get the dog outside the house into the yard. The other sign that you need to be on the lookout for is the sign of you dog squatting, when the dog is in the middle of squatting it probably is too late, here you will have two options, one is to run like the wind carrying the dog at arms length, or two let it do it’s business chastise it and move on. These are the most two clear signs that your puppy is about to receive a call from nature. Once you learn to detect these two signs then you will be well on your way to puppy house training.

The next Thing that needs to be considered in puppy house training, is the aforementioned accidents that will happen on a regular basis. Now remember this tip and take it to heart unless you actually catch the dog in the act then punishing it after the fact is kind of a mute point. You cannot follow behind the dog on a constant basis, unless you want to make your family wonder about your mental stability or freak your puppy out then you will just have to accept the fact that accidents are a way of life. The sad fact of the matter is this there are as many types of online sites and books on how to properly go about puppy house training.

The one thing that could be said about a puppy is that they are predictable, a new puppy will need to go to the bathroom about every two to three hours. One trick that you can use in puppy house training is Every two hours take the puppy out to go to the bathroom anyway. Once you and the puppy are outside then give them the command to go to the bathroom, this will help to enforce your training as the dog will associate the two together. After the dog has finished its business then make sure to compliment the dog on a good job. Puppies live to please their masters and therefore will do whatever is necessary to make you happy again. This will be of great use in puppy house training.

Puppy house training is never an easy task, it will take devotion on your part and it will take time for the puppy to have any idea as to what it is that you want from them. When you are puppy house training make sure that you treat the puppy the same way that you would when trying to get a toddler to start using the toilet. Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in puppy house training, and I hope that you and the family dog have many great years together.

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