Puppy Behavior Training

puppy_behaviour_trainingPuppy behavior training begins with you, the owner.  You play an important role in socializing your new puppy by positive praise, petting, training and playing with your puppy.  Puppies begin their behavioral patterns from their mother.  From the time they are born until they are eight to twelve weeks old they spend all their time with their mother and siblings.  During this period of time they pickup attributes and behaviors they see their mother demonstrating.  If the mother is a well behaved trained dog then the puppies will have a good example in which to begin their lives.

Once the puppies are weaned from their mothers and you adopted them, then the responsibility for training them becomes yours.  Puppy behavior training can be advanced by enrolling you and your puppy in obedience training classes.  Obedience training can begin as soon as you bring your puppy home.  Many experts claim the sooner you begin and the younger the puppy the quicker they will learn.  Some start puppies are young as eight weeks old while others recommend starting at twelve weeks.  Most reputable breeders do not allow new owners to adopt their puppies until they are at least twelve weeks old, which is an ideal time to enroll in obedience training.

Puppy behavior training includes not only housebreaking them but also socializing them.  Social skills are important with all dogs so they interact with other dogs and people in a friendly and pleasant manner.  Behavioral and obedience training gives the owner information and techniques to control their new puppy through voice and hand commands.  It also teaches the dogs how to behave around other dogs and other people.  This will deter them from barking, biting or other undesirable behaviors.

Dogs are pack animals and as such have rankings within their packs.  When you adopt a new puppy you and your family members become their pack.  It is important to establish your ranking as the leader of the pack from the first day you bring your new puppy home.  Puppy behavior training will help you learn how to establish yourself as the leader so your new puppy will fall in line with his new role.  During the first twelve weeks of his life while with his mother and siblings there was a peaking order created to determine which sibling, or mother, was the leader.  This all changes once the puppies are adopted, unless the new owner fails to make that distinction from the beginning.

Dogs are capable of learning at any stage of their lives, but the most important time to train them is within the first few months of their life.  Puppy behavior training begins with the mother and litter mates and extends throughout the life of your dog.  Early training when the dog is still considered a puppy is when they best learn and can best retain the training.  Most dogs are considered puppies until they reach the age of two.  At that time they become adolescents and if they have not received a proper foundation in behavior they can become uncontrollable or exhibit bad behaviors.  This is what you want to avoid by beginning your new puppy’s training as soon as you adopt him.

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