Potty Train Puppy Basics


When we talk about potty train puppy basics we sometimes over look the simple answers to the complex problem. People will try yelling, hitting, shock collars and almost any other method they can find to stop a puppy from going to the bathroom in the house. The truth about this is that you don’t need all these methods, I will in this article review some of the potty train puppy basics every person should know.

Let’s start out talk about potty train puppy basics with this question, who is responsible for the dog going to the bathroom in the house, you or the dog? The answer to this question is you both are, A dog is a naturally wild animal therefore it needs to be trained. This is where you are to blame for the failure, if you do a sub par job on the housebreaking of your puppy then you will have a puppy that has no discipline and will not be housebroken This is the first in the potty train puppy basic.

So what do you do to prevent your puppy from going in the house? This is the first step in the potty train puppy basics. You need to be observant as to how does your puppy act. If you notice the puppy wandering in circles then good chance they are about to answer natures call. Grab the puppy and as quickly as possible try to get the dog out of the house and into the yard. If you are successful in getting the dog to go outside then you need to reward your puppy with one of it’s favorite treats. Next I will look at another potty train puppy basics that tend to have great results.

Crate training is a method that is often used in potty train puppy basics, this method discourages the puppy from going to the bathroom in their crate. Most puppies will not use the bathroom in the same place that they sleep. If you have the dog in a crate that is big enough for them to walk in and turn around in, yet small enough to keep them from doing their business and sleeping in the other end. One thing that you need to be aware of is the fact that accidents are going to happen in your house. The only real thing that you can do about it is just accept the fact that it happens and move on. If you catch the dog in the act then you can punish accordingly yet refrain from hitting or screaming at the dog, a simple bop on the nose will be more than sufficient. This is yet another common sense thing when it comes to potty train puppy basics.

I hope that this article has helped you in uncovering the potty train puppy basics, in the end all you need to remember is that puppies are like little versions of children, the things that work with children will sometimes work with puppies. For example, if you take the child to the restroom and they still go in their pants then slight punishment is in order yet you need to enforce that they are to go in a specific spot. This concludes potty train puppy basics, good luck in your training endeavors.

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