How to Housebreak a Dog

four-puppiesIf you are a new dog owner and do not know the first thing about how to housebreak a dog, then your best option is to find a dog training school which teaches both the dog and the owner. If that is not possible then search on the internet to find thousands of websites which offer tips on training dogs and housebreaking new puppies. Some websites even offer various books or other materials which can help you learn step by step on what is necessary to properly train your dog.

One of the first things you should learn when trying to find out how to housebreak a dog is to train your new puppy how to urinate and defecate outside. You also need to understand that puppies will have mistakes and accidents. They will urinate on your new carpet and defecate on the floor. The most important thing to remember is when your puppy does have an accident you must stay calm. The best time to correct your puppy is when they are caught in the act of urinating or defecating. At that point you should calmly take your puppy outside to a designated potty spot so they understand they were suppose to go potty outside rather than in your house.

When you go back in the house with your new puppy make sure to clean up behind them without making a big deal about it. Instead continue to watch your puppy and the next time you see them about to urinate or defecate, immediately take them outside to their potty spot. When they do their business appropriately then reward them with a favorite treat. This will reinforce positive behavior and rewards for positive behaviors. This is how to housebreak a dog.

If your new puppy urinates or defecates in the house do not correct your puppy after the fact. Instead clean up the spot without making a production out of it. Instead take your puppy outside to his spot. Continue to take him outside until he actually urinates or defecates. If you want to understand how to housebreak a dog then you will need to learn patients and be consistent with your message. You will also need to be consistent about the frequency you take your new puppy to the outdoor potty area. The more frequent you take your dog outside the faster they will learn that going outside to a designated potty spot means just that, that its potty time.

Other ways to help you learn how to housebreak a dog is to find a book on training dogs. If the many websites available on the internet are not enough there are hundreds of books written around training dogs. Some techniques work better than others but it of course depends on you, the owner, and the dog. It is just as much a learning curve for dog owners as it is for the dogs themselves. So be prepared to learn and put into practice those training techniques.

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