Housebreaking Your Puppy in a Week

puppy-training-01If you are a dog owner, you are no doubt familiar with the long months involved in housebreaking your puppy. For most pet owners, it is an experience with ups and downs as the young dog makes the seemingly endless journey from floor and carpet wetter to responsible member of the household. For those dog owners who have the time to spend with their dog, the process of housetraining can be accomplished in a vastly shortened amount of time. In fact, housebreaking your puppy can sometimes be accomplished in as little as a week.

Housebreaking your puppy in such a condensed amount of time requires a few things from you. First of all, you must have the time on hand to spend almost every waking moment with your puppy. For this reason, condensed housetraining is best conducted by those who work from home, or who are on vacation and will be able to reliably be around their dog all day for a week. Next, you will need to be consistent and patient. Remember that this is a very young animal – and he is going to make mistakes! If you think that your constant presence will remove that possibility then don’t bother trying this method of training as you will just end up disappointed.

It begins with the puppy’s first trip outside in the morning. Carry the puppy outside, or lead him there on a leash, and take him to the spot where you want him to relieve himself. As he takes his place, use a command as he begins to relieve himself. “Go potty” is a common command that many people use. Once he has finished his business, you should excitedly praise him to let him know that you are pleased with his behavior. Petting and hugging are a good way to show your appreciation, as dogs are extremely physical and affectionate animals.

From this point onward, you will be taking him outside once an hour for the rest of the day. What you want to do is present numerous opportunities for your puppy to actually succeed in going to the bathroom outside, so that you have a legitimate reason to praise him. Remember to only praise him when he actually goes to the bathroom! If he merely goes outside and sniffs around, or wants to play, take him back in and wait for the next attempt. Housebreaking your puppy in this manner uses the principle of positive reinforcement to encourage the behavior that you want.

Throughout each day, remain vigilant to signs that your puppy is looking for a place to use the toilet, to prevent accidents. If you can catch him before he soils the house, and get him outside, you will have another opportunity to praise him. Use a crate to confine your puppy during the night. If you can, place the crate in your bedroom so that you will hear any whining that he makes, and be able to get him outside quickly. If that is not possible, try to set an alarm and wake yourself up every two to three hours to take him out. Using this method of housebreaking your puppy, you should see results within a week!

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