Housebreaking a Yorkie Puppy

yorkie-puppy-trainingEvery year when kids are asked what they want for Christmas, the same answer is repeated they want a puppy. Before you run out and adopt Killer for your family to enjoy this holiday season. You will need to read this article which will tell you all that you need to know when housebreaking a Yorkie puppy. People all the time think that all you have to do in the care of a puppy is to feed and water it.  The truth is that you feeding and watering the puppy is the reason that they need to be housebroken. Anybody who said that housebreaking a yorkie puppy was an easy task was wrong. Nevertheless fear not I assure you that after you read this article you will be a lot more comfortable with trying to housebreak your puppy.

The first rule that you need to keep in mind while housebreaking a yorkie puppy Is that in a sense a puppy is somewhat like a baby, a baby goes to the bathroom when it feels the urge, so does a puppy. A baby does what is natural to them, again so does a puppy. Now you would not scream or beat a baby for messing their diaper, why do that to a puppy. The key is just to have patience and treat a puppy like you would a baby, just remember this analogy when housebreaking a yorkie puppy.

My next bit of advice is simple accidents happen when housebreaking a yorkie puppy The sooner you accept this fact of life the better your life will be. You can’t run around behind the puppy 24/7 watching it like it is a bomb that is going to explode. You will just have to accept the fact that well for lack of a better term poop happens. Try to keep an eye on the dog and if you miss one of the signs that they may try to give you then just clean it up and try to catch them the next time. Housebreaking a yorkie puppy I a fairly simple technique that once you get the pattern down you will have no trouble with.

One thing that I do when  housebreaking a yorkie puppy or any puppy for that matter is I take the dog outside every two hours regardless of whether it needs to go or not. The reason for this is because on average a puppy will need to do their business about every two to three hours. Housebreaking a yorkie puppy Is a little more involved given the fact that they are smaller dogs thus they tend to go more than an average dog like a Labrador. One last point on the taking the dog outside when you do this make it a point to praise the dog for going to the bathroom, dogs love praise and will try to repeat the action in an effort to get more praise from you.

Housebreaking a yorkie puppy is never an easy task, It requires tons of patience on your part and understanding that the puppy does not know better.. When you are housebreaking a yorkie puppy make sure that you treat the puppy the same way that you would when trying to get a toddler to start using the toilet. Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in housebreaking a yorkie puppy, and I hope that you and the family dog have many great years together.

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