Housebreaking a Shih Tzu Puppy

ShihTzuPuppyThe holidays are just around the corner which means that there is a good chance that there will be a shih tzu puppy in your future. Yes I know that a shih tzu is a little bit of a small dog but hey a dog is a dog. This article is not about whether a shih tzu qualifies as a dog or not, the purpose is to discuss housebreaking a shih tzu puppy. People think that with a shih tzu puppy you just point them and watch them go, while that would be funny to watch it is not the case. The truth is that a shih tzu is a little lost puppy looking for guidance from it’s master. Housebreaking a shih tzu puppy is not an easy task, as with any dog it requires patience and understanding. That is what this article is for, it will give you an idea as to some of the tricks that will effectively train your puppy to not poop on your rug.

The first rule of thumb to remember in housebreaking a shih tzu puppy is that small dog equals small kidneys. This means that for a little bit of water that they drink or the small amount of food they eat they will be having a call from nature in a hurry. So after your shih tzu eats be sure to watch for signs that they may have to go. The most obvious one is when they begin to squat, unfortunately this is a sign that it is too late. Most times by this time you will have scooped the dog up and will be running for the door with shih tzu in tow like a bomb you are trying to get rid of. The drawback to this is that you will probably be leaving a trail as you go. This is the first tip to keep in mind with  housebreaking a shih tzu puppy.

In  housebreaking a shih tzu puppy, you need to just accept the fact that accidents can and will happen. Unless you follow behind the dog constantly you will have times when you and the dog do not communicate that they have to go to the bathroom. Just accept this fact and live with it. The puppy and you are going to have to work out a way for the two of you to know it’s that time. Since the dog can’t come up and tell you it is up to you to determine this on your own. The puppy does not know any better, they are just doing what comes naturally. The best method that you can exercise with the puppy is to not get mad, just clean it up and move forward with the cleaning up of their mess. Unfortunately there are as many theories as to the proper way of housebreaking a shih tzu puppy as there are breeds of dogs.

As mentioned earlier puppies have to go to the bathroom about every two hours. This is actually going to be sooner if you have a smaller puppy, remember small dog small kidneys, keep this tip in mind when housebreaking a shih tzu puppy. If you and your puppy make it to the outdoors without any accidents then reward the dog with their favorite treat, the more you do this the more they will be eager to repeat these actions to get their treat, this will be of great use in housebreaking a shih tzu puppy.

In closing I leave you with this bit of advice, housebreaking a shih tzu puppy is never an easy task, it will take devotion on your part and it will take time for the puppy to have any idea as to what it is that you want from them. When you are housebreaking a shih tzu puppy make sure that you treat the puppy the same way that you would when trying to get a toddler to start using the toilet. Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in housebreaking a shih tzu puppy, and I hope that you and the family dog have many great years together.

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