Puppy Behavior Training

puppy_behaviour_trainingPuppy behavior training begins with you, the owner.  You play an important role in socializing your new puppy by positive praise, petting, training and playing with your puppy.  Puppies begin their behavioral patterns from their mother.  From the time they are born until they are eight to twelve weeks old they spend all their time with their mother and siblings.  During this period of time they pickup attributes and behaviors they see their mother demonstrating.  If the mother is a well behaved trained dog then the puppies will have a good example in which to begin their lives.
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How to Housebreak a Dog

four-puppiesIf you are a new dog owner and do not know the first thing about how to housebreak a dog, then your best option is to find a dog training school which teaches both the dog and the owner. If that is not possible then search on the internet to find thousands of websites which offer tips on training dogs and housebreaking new puppies. Some websites even offer various books or other materials which can help you learn step by step on what is necessary to properly train your dog.
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Housebreaking Your Puppy in a Week

puppy-training-01If you are a dog owner, you are no doubt familiar with the long months involved in housebreaking your puppy. For most pet owners, it is an experience with ups and downs as the young dog makes the seemingly endless journey from floor and carpet wetter to responsible member of the household. For those dog owners who have the time to spend with their dog, the process of housetraining can be accomplished in a vastly shortened amount of time. In fact, housebreaking your puppy can sometimes be accomplished in as little as a week.

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How to Housebreak a Dog When it is Stubborn

stubborn_dogLearning how to house break a dog is fairly simple for most people, once they have grasped the essentials of the process. For some pet owners, however, the process can be a nightmarishly frustrating clash of wills between the human and canine minds. Though there are a large number of dog breeds that are easy to train because of their natural desire to keep their living area clean and please their human companions, there are other dogs that can prove to be extremely difficult to house train. In general, any dog can be housetrained – with these stubborn breeds however, it will take more time and effort – and a firm commitment on your part to see the job through to its conclusion.

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Housebreaking an Older Puppy

golden-retrieverOne of the most frustrating situations for pet owners is one in which their adult dog still uses the inside of the house for a toilet. As a general rule, adult dogs that live in the home should be well trained in the appropriate behavior that you expect it to engage in – including the evacuation of its waste. Housebreaking an older puppy is really no more difficult than housebreaking a younger puppy, though there are a number of things that you will want to check prior to beginning the dog’s training all over again.
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Housebreaking a Shih Tzu Puppy

ShihTzuPuppyThe holidays are just around the corner which means that there is a good chance that there will be a shih tzu puppy in your future. Yes I know that a shih tzu is a little bit of a small dog but hey a dog is a dog. This article is not about whether a shih tzu qualifies as a dog or not, the purpose is to discuss housebreaking a shih tzu puppy. People think that with a shih tzu puppy you just point them and watch them go, while that would be funny to watch it is not the case. The truth is that a shih tzu is a little lost puppy looking for guidance from it’s master. Housebreaking a shih tzu puppy is not an easy task, as with any dog it requires patience and understanding. That is what this article is for, it will give you an idea as to some of the tricks that will effectively train your puppy to not poop on your rug.

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Simple Puppy Housebreaking Tips

golden-labrador-puppyPeople come up to me all the time and ask me for puppy housebreaking tips all the time. The ask me how do they get the dog to go when, and where they want the dog to go. First let’s look at the question how do I get the dog to go when, lets look at that part. You cannot arrange your dogs bathroom breaks around when it would be convenient to you. You have to work on the dogs schedule, This would be the same as me coming up to you and telling you that you need to go to the bathroom now. the best and topmost thing on my list of puppy housebreaking tips is patience.
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Housebreaking a Yorkie Puppy

yorkie-puppy-trainingEvery year when kids are asked what they want for Christmas, the same answer is repeated they want a puppy. Before you run out and adopt Killer for your family to enjoy this holiday season. You will need to read this article which will tell you all that you need to know when housebreaking a Yorkie puppy. People all the time think that all you have to do in the care of a puppy is to feed and water it.  The truth is that you feeding and watering the puppy is the reason that they need to be housebroken. Anybody who said that housebreaking a yorkie puppy was an easy task was wrong. Nevertheless fear not I assure you that after you read this article you will be a lot more comfortable with trying to housebreak your puppy.
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Potty Train Puppy Basics


When we talk about potty train puppy basics we sometimes over look the simple answers to the complex problem. People will try yelling, hitting, shock collars and almost any other method they can find to stop a puppy from going to the bathroom in the house. The truth about this is that you don’t need all these methods, I will in this article review some of the potty train puppy basics every person should know.

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Crash Course in Puppy House Training

Puppy House TrainingIf you are one of the thousands of people that has adopted a puppy then you are already aware of the problems that develop in trying to house train your puppy. Relax as, now I am going to take you to class with my condensed version of puppy house training course. We all have had the spot on the carpet where Fido was unable to hold it any longer, and while it may be irritating on our part to have to see the spot it is more of a problem for the dog. This course is designed to give you an edge in the way of puppy house training. Read the rest of this entry »